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Hutjes RWA , Dolman AJ , Nabuurs GJ , Schelhaas MJ , Maat HW ter , Kabat P , Moors E , Huygen J , Haarsma R , Ronda R , Schaeffer M , Opsteegh JD , Leemans R , Bouwman L , Busch G , Eickhout B , Kreileman E , Schaeffer M , Strengers B , Vries B de , Verhagen A , Vleeshouwers , Corre WJ , Jongschaap REE , Kruseman G , Ierland E van , Holtslag AAM , Ronda R , Willemsen F , Dorland C , Tol RSJ van

250 p in Dutch   2001

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This report describes a study that has tried to understand the coupling between the main driving forces of land use change and the emission of greenhouse gasses in the context of coupled land surface climate models. Studies related to investigating the main driving forces of land use change in Europe and assessing the budgets of the main greenhouse gasses in Europe were combined with sensitivity studies of land use change and climate at regional and global scale. These were linked to an integrated assessment model and selected economic analysis. Full integration of the parallel studies proved difficult in the timeframe of the project. The individual studies yield insight into the main driving forces of land use in Europe, the size of the biospheric GHG budget, the sensitivity of regional and global climate to land use change, and the global effects of trade in GHG mitigation control.


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