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Overveld MJLC van , Fischer JC , Steinberger PE , Uitert S van

43 p in Dutch   1993

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The purpose of RIKWIN is to provide guidelines for the quality of information systems. The third phase of this project comprised the activity of implementing the guidelines in a laboratory. The laboratory for Toxicology (TOX) was selected as a trial laboratory. The project chosen was a small automated system for log-function measurement on small animals. Implementing the guidelines in this laboratory showed that the RIKWIN report is written to be useful for people with knowledge concerning structured building and structured upkeep of information systems. In practice this knowledge is not always available. However, RIKWIN was not designed to replace good education in information technology. The RIKWIN report proved to be useful as a checklist. It can help to show the existing quality of a system. SOP's often fail just in this aspect, they may provide a good way to use a system, but they fail to provide evidence of quality to outside observers. Many regulations proved to exist, but were simply not (yet) written down. The laboratory thought that the RIKWIN report was less useful than it might have been: * The system was developed by personnel that was not explicitly educated in information technology. * The division in aspects and objects is not logical. There is no distinction between aspects that are directly related to the system (specifications etc.) and aspects that are 'indirectly' (security etc.) related to the system.


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