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Roozendaal R

55 p in Dutch   1993

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Meta-information, information on -in this report electronic- information, is useful in finding the right information within a distributed environment like RIVM. But it is only useful if all sorts of electronic information, databases, models and others, are described alike. As RIVM covers various research disciplines, meta-data should be able to cover all of those. In 1992 and 1993 a project team looked into different standards on describing meta-information, within and outside RIVM. This report describes the resulting proposal for a meta-information standard. The standard concerned is based on DIF: Directory Interchange Format. Dif is a standard used often for data on global change, but is increasingly used outside that field. The format is used by a number of institutions in the world, among which are the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States, the United States Geological Survey and the World Health Organization. For use within RIVM a number of fields has been added to DIF. Those fields are access and restrictions, updat frequency and latest update, technical specifications, contact on copyright issues, supplier, language, resolutions, coverages and sample. A possible syntax for meta-data based on the resulting standard is given. But it is stated that any syntax in which the different fields can be identified. is allowed. The standard is meant to be an interchange format, and is long as a syntax facilitates interchange, it complies with the format. For paper cataloques based on the meta-information no standard presentation format is prescribed.


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