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Bartels CJ , Veen AA van der , Ormeling FJ , Koop RO

92 p in Dutch   1994

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English Abstract
The Cartographic Manual is a report that can serve as a guideline to map design and map production within RIVM. The report is intended for everyone in the organisation who is, in one way or another, involved in map making for the preparation of strategic reports like the National Environmental Balance and the National Environmental Outlook. It contains a discussion of some essential principles and technical skills with respect to map design. This is clarified with the use of example maps from recent RIVM publications. Furthermore, the report gives a view on the technical and organizational procedures of future map production at RIVM. The recommendations made in this report are aimed at a further optimization of the transfer and presentation of spatial information from RIVM to policy makers.


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( 1994-06-30 )