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Jager JC ; Boom FMLG van den ; Heisterkamp SH ; Houweling H ; Postma JM ; Reinking DP

32 p in Dutch   1995

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The objectives of this 'Planning Meeting' were to discuss the work programme of the project and to identify the relevant issues to be addressed and activities to be carried out during the first year of the research project. The main targets of the Working Groups to be reached during the first year of the project were formulated. 1). The epidemiologists will focus their attention on HIV data, subclassified for relevant subepidemics, to establish an epidemiological analysis of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Europe. 2). The economists will update the scenarios on health care for HIV infected persons and will integrate this study with results from the project on Managing the Costs of HIV Infection. In addition a comparative study will be made by analyzing available databases on care for HIV infected patients. Starting from these activities a framework for a 'baseline analytical' approach will be formulated. 3). The social scientists will concentrate on two themes, dealing with *care and support and *prevention and intervention. 4). The modellers proposed to review the available techniques for future studies on the spread of HIV and to consider possibilities to work within the EU Concerted Action with one general modelling approach.


RIVM - Bilthoven - the Netherlands - www.rivm.nl

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Rapport in het kort
Beschrijving van de aanpak die bij de constructie van een 'reference scenario' voor de epidemiologische, economische en sociale impact van de HIV/AIDS epidemie in Europa zal worden gevolgd.


RIVM - Bilthoven - Nederland - www.rivm.nl

( 1995-12-31 )