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Vollebregt YCJ , Feskens EJM

142 p in Dutch   1993

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Calculations of nutrient intakes from information about food intake in the Zutphen Study are usually carried out using the NEVO-table, an extended version of the Netherlands Food Table. The table issued in 1989/90 has been used as the most recent one. However, this table contains no information on contents of retinol, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and pectin, whereas information on these nutrients is very valuable for our epidemiologic analyses. Additional food tables have been composed to fill this gap. This was done by using recent data of chemical analyses on Dutch foods, using food tables from other countries, by deducting from other values, and by calculations based on recipes. The resulting food tables contain 999 different foods. These are all the foods that were reported to be used during the nutritional surveys of the Zutphen Study in 1985 and in 1990. Of these 999 foods, 972 occur in the NEVO-table, whereas 27 have a special code. Finally, for 8 foods it was not possible to report a value for retinal and/or beta-carotene, for 5 foods the vitamin E content was lacking, and for 9 foods the pectin content could not be found.


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( 1993-08-31 )