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Gezondheidskundige Evaluatie Schiphol
[ [Health Impact Statement Schiphol Airport.] ]
Staatsen BAM, Franssen EAM, Doornbos G, Abbink F, van der Veen AA, Heisterkamp SH, Lebret E

177 p in Dutch   1993

RIVM Rapport 441520001
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In this report an assessment has been made of the effects on public health caused by environmental pollution originating from activities around Schiphol airport. This investigation is part of an integral Environmental Impact Assessment that was legally required for the planned expansion of the airport. The terms of reference for the Health Impact Assessment specified the identification of existing gaps in knowledge required for this assessment and proposals for future research and monitoring activities. For this Health Impact Assessment several separate approaches have been applied. One was based on combining (estimated) pollutant exposure levels in the Schiphol study area with exposure-response relations derived from the literature (risk evaluation). The second approach consisted of a geographical study using hospital admission rates for several cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Thirdly, a questionnaire base survey on risk perception and annoyance has been conducted in a sample of the population in the Schiphol area and the general Dutch population. In addition a subgroup of the Schiphol population was interviewed. The Health Impact Assessment showed substantial gaps in knowledge about the actual levels of pollution in the vicinity of Schiphol airport and about exposure-response relations.


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( 1993-12-31 )