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Dam JH van

52 p in Dutch   1993

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One of the aims of the project Environment and Economy at the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM) is to develop a model which can transform monetary units into fysical units. This model is used for the National Environmental Outlooks. The model (the so called 'transformation model') is developing continuously. The Environmental Forecasting Bureau (MTV), part of the RIVM, wants to review the assumptions which are used to model the fysical inputs and outputs of the building industry sector of the Dutch economy. This study is the result of that intention. The main results of the study are: The fysical growth rate of cement is considered to be representative for the whole fysical input of the building industry sector. The reliability can be improved by taking more variables into account. The growth rate of the outputs depend on the planned construction activities. The main proposed improvement is to divide the forecasting time horizon in parts.


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( 1993-12-31 )