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European Environmental Data and Scenarios: Perspectives Towards Sustainability
[ Europese Milieu data en scenario's: een vooruitzicht naar duurzaamheid ]
Hettelingh JP, van Egmond ND, Maas RJM

31 p in English   1992

RIVM Rapport 481505003

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
Acidification effects of two scenarios of the European Community (EC) i.e., Conventional Wisdom and High Prices, are assessed in the framework of the 5th Action Programme. A comparison between these two EC scenarios and 3 pan-European scenarios (Current Reduction Plan, maximum Feasible Reduction, Globe II) is made. It is shown that the most stringent EC scenario i.e., High Prices, does not sufficiently reduce the level of acidification by 2010, Acid deposition still exceeds European critical loads. The report concludes that emissions of acidifying pollutants should be negociated in a pan-European framework.


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( 1992-10-31 )