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Cadmium mobility and accumulation in soils of the European Communities
[ [Mobiliteit en accumulatie van cadmium in de bodems in de Europese Gemeenschap.] ]
Fraters B, van Beurden AUCJ

78 p in English   1993

RIVM Rapport 481505005

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
In this overview of the effects of cadmium pollution on agricultural soils in the European Community, both the cadmium loads on agricultural land and the soil sensitivity to cadmium accumulation have been estimated. Cadmium loads have been estimated separately for arable land and grassland. The effects that the spatial variation of the cadmium loads have on soils differing geographically in binding capacity for cadmium are mapped. Effects are expressed either as calculated cadmium concentration of the soil solution compared with a target value for groundwater or as an accumulation rate of cadmium in the topsoil compared with the present-day cadmium content. The cadmium in the soil solution is liable to leaching from the topsoil. Whether or not this eluting cadmium threatens the groundwater depends on many factors, like net precipitation and characteristics of the soil layers below the topsoil. Calculations show that for about 15% of the agricultural land the cadmium concentration in the soil solution of the topsoil are around or above the Dutch target value, and that for 36-47% of the land calculated accumulation rates are more than 10% in 100 years, compared with the current cadmium content.


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