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Operationalisering en prestatiekenmerken van een spectro P ICP-AES opstelling voor de analyse van grond- en drinkwater
[ [Operationalization of a sectro P ICP-AES instrument for the analysis of groundwater and drinking water.] ]
de Boer JLM, Piso S

15 p in Dutch   1993

RIVM Rapport 502501002
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English Abstract
This report deals with the operationalization of Spectro P ISP-AES instrument for the analysis of groundwater and drinking water. Choices were made for the settings of the various instrumental parameters. Performance characteristics were established and compared with the specifications supplied. The instrument met the suppliers specifications with respect to detection limits, stability and precision. A comparative investigation with the formerly used equipment showed no significant or relevant differences in the results.


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( 1993-07-31 )