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Neele J , Beld WA van den , Cleven RFMJ

49 p in Dutch   1994

Toon Nederlands

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The modification of an ionchromatographic system to increase the sensitivity and selectivity is reported. The chromatographic system was equipped with a UV-detector, modified by thermostatting the separatorcolumn and the regenerant supply and isolating an autoregenerant suppressor and detector cells. Connections between the separating modules were shortened. A method for the determination chloride, nitrate and sulphate in rainwater, drinking water, surface water and groundwater over a range of more than four decades has been developed. A good resolution and selectivity between the peaks is obtained. Identification of peaks is possible by retention time, area/height ratio and confirmed by the ratio between the conductivity area and UV-detection area. Determinations of nitrite, bromide, phosphate and sulphite are also possible with the method.


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( 1994-02-28 )