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Boer JLM de , Nagtegaal NW , Piso S , Beek ACW van de

26 p in Dutch   1993

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In this study four methods for the determination of arsenic in groundwater were compared. These methods were graphite furnace AAS, batch-hydride generation AAS, flow injection hydride generation AAS and ICP-MS. For hydride generation AAS four different sample preparation procedures were applied. The comparison was carried out using conventional linear regression and Deming linear regression. All methods performed about equal. Sample preparation for flow injection hydride generation could be simple. A prereduction step was sufficient. Detection limits were the lowest for batch hydride generation AAS while the measurement range was the largest for ICP-MS. Flow injection hydride generation AAS was the fastest method. A mathematical correction procedure for the interference of ArCl+ in the ICP-MS determination of arsenic was shown to be successful up to a chloride concentration of 100 mg/l.


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( 1993-09-30 )