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Gallstone size and the risk of gallbladder cancer, a hospital based case-control study
[ Galsteengrootte en galblaas kanker, een patientcontrole onderzoek in een ziekenhuispopulatie ]
Moerman CJ, Lagerwaard FJ, Bueno de Mesquita HB, van Dalen A, van Leeuwen MS, Schrover PAHAM, Berns MPH

32 p in English   1992

RIVM Rapport 528803002

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English Abstract
The relation between gallstone size and gallbladder cancer was studied in a hospital based case-control study. Cases were selected on abdominal surgery. The selection criterion for controls was a cholecystectomy performed for a benign gallbladder disorder. Controls were matched with cases on sex, age, hospital and date of admission. A radiologist determined the size of the largest gallstone within the gallbladder by reviewing hard copies of sonographical examinations. Between 1983 and 1989 83 gallbladder cases were identified in the 18 participating hospitals. Of 43 cases and 98 matched controls a measurable stone size was obtained. No relation was found between size of the largest stone within the gallbladder and the occurrence of gallbladder cancer.


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