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Peilstationsproject Hart- en vaatziekten 1989
[ Monitoring project cardio-vascular diseases 1989. ]
Kromhout D, Obermann-de Boer GL, Blokstra A, Verschuren WMM

54 p in Dutch   1990

RIVM Rapport 528901003

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English Abstract
The aim of this project is to study trends in the major risk factors for cardiovascular diseases e.g. total and HDL cholesterol, blood pressure and smoking. Also the importance of less frequently measured risk factors e.g. contraceptive pill use and psycho-social factors in the etiology of cardiovascular diseases will be investigated. Biologic material e.g. whole blood, plasma, white and red cells will be kept frozen at -20 degr. C for future etiologic studies. This project is carried out in Amsterdam, Doetinchem and Maastricht. In the third year (1989) of this project a total of 7,500 persons, aged 20-60, were examined. A sample of 200 persons participated in a dietary validation study.


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