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83 p in Dutch   1991

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Part a introduces the CBS job classification at the Monitoring Risk Factor Project on cardiovascular diseases. an error analysis with regard to the coding of the jobs is the basis for recommendations for the questions about job characteristics in the new questionnaire. In part B the relation between job and (potential) risk factors for cardiovascular diseases is studied. The U&S job presitige scale and the Social Group (both derived from the CBS job classification 1984) are compared with the C2 classification, that has been used until now, on explaining power. The results showed that job (controlled for education) is especially related to food habits and the consumption of alcohol. The risk factors athat are significant vary with the different groups. The relations are not always linear. The different job classifications are about equally strong in their explanation of (possible) risk factors. The variables explained are different for each job classification.


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( 1991-10-31 )