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Best available practice in life cycle assessment of climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion, photo-oxidant formation, acidification, and eutrophication-Backgrounds on general issues
[ Best beschikbare methoden in levenscyclus analyses voor klimaatverandering, ozon, verzuring en eutrofiering. Algemene achtergrond ]
Seppala J, Risbey J, Meilinger S, Norris G, Lindfors GL, Goedkoop M, Potting J, Klopffer W

62 p in English   2001

RIVM rapport 550015002
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English Abstract
This report has been prepared by the SETAC Europe Scientific Task Group on Global And RegionaL Impact Categories (SETAC-Europe/STG-GARLIC) that is installed by the 2nd SETAC Europe working group on life cycle impact assessment (WIA-2). This document is background to a chapter written by the same authors under the title "Climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion, photo-oxidant formation, acidification and eutrophication" in Udo de Haes et al. (2002). The chapter summarises the work of the STG-GARLIC and aims to give a state-of-the-art review of the best available practice(s) regarding category indicators and lists of concomitant characterisation factors for climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion, photo-oxidant formation, acidification, and aquatic and terrestrial eutrophication. Backgrounds on each of the specific impact categories are given in another background report from Klopffer and Potting (2001). This background report provides details on a selection of general issues relevant in relation to LCA and characterisation of impact in LCA. The document starts with a short introduction of the LCA methodology and impact assessment in LCA for non LCA-experts. LCA experts, on the other hand, will usually not be familiar in-depth with scientific and political backgrounds of the specific impact categories. A review of this is given. Also the discussion is provided about the issue of the position of the category indicator in the causality chain, and into the related issue of spatial differentiation. These two issues appeared to be one of the core items for SETAC-Europe/STG-GARLIC.


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