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Metingen in het kader van het Biologisch Monitoring Programma van RWS/RIZA naar de toxiciteit van oppervlaktewaterconcentraten van rijkswateren in 1993
[ [Measurements in the framework of the Biological Monitoring Programme of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Microtox toxicity of water and concentrates from national water bodies in 1993.] ]
de Zwart D, Polman HJG

11 p in Dutch   1994

RIVM Rapport 607042003

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English Abstract
This report presents the results of a repeated evaluation of the organic toxicity contained in water of the rivers Rhine and Meuse, the lakes "Ketelmeer" and "Wolderwijd", and the canal "Noordzeekanaal" in 1993. The toxicity of untreated water samples as well as selectively concentrated organic constituents was measured with the luminescent bacteria test, Microtox. The toxicity is expressed as the so-called pT-value (10log (EC20, t=.../100)), relating toxicity to environmental acceptability criteria. According to preformulated acceptability criteria, hardly any of the observed pT-values reflects favourable conditions.


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