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Oldenburger AA

42 p in Dutch   1994

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The National Radiation Monitoring Network, with automatic warning capabilities (LMR) has been operational in the Netherlands since March 1990. For the automatic warning facilities of the network, the 'network' technician on duty' can monitor the network on his or her so-called 'LMR-home-PC', using custom-built presentation software. During 1994, the LMR will be integrated with another nation-wide radio-activity monitoring network dedicated to monitoring the effects of nuclear detonations (BMNI), to form a new national network (Nationaal Meetnet Radioactiviteit, NMR) that will accomodate the tasks of the former individual networks. Because it will not be possible to accomplish the presentation function for the NMR with the existing software, this document defines new software. Due to the increased geographical density of the monitors, a system of maps with three different scales, allowing a zoom-in to predefined locations, is defined to replace the single map in the software used so far for LMR.


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( 1994-04-30 )