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Contra-expertise op bepalingen van radioactiviteit van afvalwater en ventilatielucht van de voormalige kernenergiecentrale Dodewaard - Periode 2006
[ Contra-expertise on dtermination of radioactivity of waste water and ventilation air of the fornmer nuclear power plant Dodewaard - Period 2006 ]
Kwakman PJM, Overwater RMW

11 p in Dutch   2008

RIVM rapport 610330085
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Within the framework of a monitoring programme, the RIVM measures the release of radioactivity into the waste water and atmosphere of the (former) nuclear power plant at Dodewaard. Measurements are carried out eight times per year. This form of counter-expertise is aimed at verifying and supporting the reliability of the analyses carried out by the nuclear power plant at Dodewaard. The two different sets of measurements are generally in agreement, as was also the case in 2006. The measurements of both the RIVM and the Dodewaard nuclear plant demonstrated the absence of artificial gamma-emitters in the ventilation air. Dodewaard was closed down in 1997, and since July 2005 it is considered to be in the phase of 'safe enclosure'. The intention is to dismantle the plant after 40 years by which time the radioactivity will have decreased considerably.
RIVM took eight samples of ventilation air at various time points dispersed throughout 2006. There was no discharge of waste water in 2006. The analyses were carried out on behalf of the Department of Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards of the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM).


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Rapport in het kort
Het RIVM controleert achtmaal per jaar de metingen van de (voormalige) kerncentrale Dodewaard. Het gaat hierbij om lozingen van radioactiviteit in water en lucht. De contra-expertise onderbouwt de betrouwbaarheid van de analyses die de kerncentrale uitvoert. Doorgaans komen de analyses overeen, zo ook in 2006. Het RIVM en de centrale vonden geen kunstmatige gammastralers in ventilatielucht. De centrale is sinds 1997 buiten bedrijf en is in juli 2005 in de fase 'veilige insluiting' overgegaan. Het voornemen is om de centrale over veertig jaar, als de radioactiviteit sterk is afgenomen, te ontmantelen.
Het RIVM heeft in 2006 acht monsters van ventilatielucht geanalyseerd, die verspreid over het jaar zijn genomen. Er is geen afvalwater geloosd in 2006. Opdrachtgever is de Kernfysische Dienst van het ministerie van VROM.


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