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Assessment of the atmospheric hazards and risks of new chemicals: procedures to estimate "hazard potentials"
[ [Beoordeling van de atmosferische gevaren en risico's van nieuwe stoffen: procedures om "risico-potentialen" te schatten.] ]
de Leeuw FAAM

22 p in English   1993

RIVM Rapport 679102017

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English Abstract
In this report a procedure for the assessment of atmospheric hazards and risks of newly introduced chemicals is discussed. However, an assessment of direct effects caused by exposure to expected ambient concentrations or by deposition is not discussed ; here emphasis is on the role which new substances might play in the atmosphere. Procedures to estimate "hazard potentials" to quantify the potential risk of a new substance in atmosphere-related environmental problems are proposed. In particular, hazard potentials for the following topics are defined: *global warming ; *ozone depletion; *photochemical smog formation ; *acidification and eutrophication


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( 1993-03-31 )