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25 p in Dutch   1992

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In the framework of an UN Inter-Agency Project, a visit was made to Ventspils, Latvia. Objective of this visit was to determine the influence of environmental pollution on the health of the population. Concern had arisen about e.g. a rise in congenital abnormalities. Results: The general population of Ventspils does not seem to be exposed to high concentrations of chemicals in the environment. Figures on health status, disease frequency or mortality of the population in Latvia are not very reliable; the same can be said about e.g. the figures on congenital abnormalities. There is a great lack of epidemiological knowledge in Latvia. Recommendations: The data on congenital abnormalities in Ventspils have to be assembled and investigated in a different way, taking into account confounding factors. Training is needed, locally as well as on a governmental level in (environmental) epidemiology.


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