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Hulzebos EM

71 p in Dutch   1990

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This report describes the results of a literature research belonging to the RUVM-part of a research on the phytotoxicity for 80 priority substances, which was carried out by TNO and RIVM. In the RIVM-part of this research effects of 45 organic substances were determined on germination, growth and mortality of lettuce (Lactuca sativa). Most of the substances belong the the chlorophenols, chlorobenzenes, chloroanilines, alcohols and amines. Often EC50-values determined in Fytotox 2 were lower than EC50-values found in literature, espcially for chlorophenols and alcohols. In Fytotox 2 EC50-values were mainly lower, because plants were exposed for a longer period in this test. EC50-values for algae were generally in agreement with EC50-values for higher plants. Root length of intact plants seemed to be the most sensitive parameter to measure effects on the growth of plants. Differences in sensitivity between plant species within one test method were usually small (< factor 3).


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( 1990-02-28 )