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The effects of pollutants on the mineralization of acetate in subsoil and soil microcosms
[ De effecten van verontreinigingen op de mineralisatie van acetaat in microecosystemen van grond en ondergrond ]
van Beelen P, Fleuren-Kemila AK, Huys MPA, van Montfort ACP, van Vlaardingen PLA

60 p in English   1990

RIVM Rapport 710301002

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English Abstract
The use of the classical microbial toxicity tests gives an underestimation of the sensitivity of the microflora. The inhibition of a large fraction of the microbial community can be seemingly compensated by the growth of the resistant species. Our method uses low substrate concentrations which are representative for the environmental conditions. This method is fast, sensitive and more ecologically relevant than the classical tests.


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( 1990-04-30 )