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Toxiciteit van paraquat voor enkele bodemorganismen
[ Toxicity for some soil organisms of paraquat ]
Dirven-van Breemen EM, van Gestel CAM, van der Pol JJC, van Straalen NM, Baerselman R, van Beelen P

17 p in Dutch   1990

RIVM Rapport 710301003

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English Abstract
This report describes a study on the toxicity of paraquat for soil microorganisms, acari (Platynothrus peltifer), collembola (Orchesella cincta), isopods (Porcellio scaber) and earthworms (Eisenia andrei). Acari and collembola were fed with treated algae, whereas the other organisms were tested in soil. In case of the microorganisms the effect on the mineralisation of acetate was tested. For the other organisms effects on survival and reproduction were determined. For all organisms except earthworms, paraquat did not have any effect at 1000 mg/kg, which was the highest concentration tested. Earthworms appeared to be more sensitive: at 1000mg/kg paraquat in artificial soil reproduction was significantly affected. For earthworms the No-Observed Effect Concentration is 450 mg/kg. From literature data it can be concluded that on organic soils already at lower concentrations (>-165 mg/kg) effects on earthworms may occur.


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