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Slooff W , Bont PFH , Janus JA , Ros JPM

37 p in Dutch   1991

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
This report serves as a basis for the discussion aimed at the decision whether an integrated criteria document on chloroanilines should be drawn up, and, if so, for determining the contents of such an integrated criteria document. In spite of the limited information one may assume that the risks resulting from the present and future environmental concentrations of chloroanilines for humans and ecosystems are likely acceptable: the exposure levels of monochloroanilines and dichloroanilines are (far) below the (tentative maximum acceptable risk levels, whereas chloroanilines other than monochloroanilines and dichloroanilines probably do not occur in the environment in the Netherlands. Before deciding about the requirement of an integrated criteria document it is recommended to make an inventory of sources and emissions first. Such an inventory, however, could only result in the identification of some sources that may cause local problems. Therefore the priority is considered low.


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( 1991-04-30 )