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Slooff W , Bont PFH , Janus JA , Ros JPM

39 p in Dutch   1991

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This report serves as a base for the discussion aimed at the decision whether an integrated criteria document on acrolein should be drawn up, and, if so, for determining the contents of such an integrated criteria document. It is difficult to estimate the risks of acrolein for man and ecosystems. Emissions are not quantified. Data indicate that acrolein is or may be present in water, soil, air and foodstuff, the concentration levels not known or only scarcely available. Effect studies are insufficient to derive toxicological limit values for man and ecosystems. Toxicological limit values indicate that acrolein may occur at concentration levels that exceed the maximum acceptable risk levels for both man and ecosystems. It is suggested to investigate some parts of the causality chain of acrolein before drawing up an integrated criteria document on this compound. Priority in this matter should be given to the compartment air and to man. This report provides several recommendations.


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( 1991-04-30 )