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Slooff W ; Bont PFH ; Janus JA ; Rab E

36 p in Dutch   1991

Toon Nederlands

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Although the available data are insufficient for a sound risk assessment it seems to be justified to conclude that the risks for humans and for aquatic and soil organisms resulting from the current and future concentrations of ethylene are limited. In contrast to this, the ethylene concentrations in the air may affect susceptible plant species crops. However, it should be noted that the scale at which the vegetation is affected is is difficult to estimate at the present stage of data information and analysis. Ethylene concentrations in air are largely determined by natural sources. Elevated harmful concentrations occur in cities (traffic) and in the vicinity of industrial point sources (chemical industry). It is recommended to draw an integrated criteria document that is focussed to the risk assessment for plants.


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( 1991-06-30 )