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Esbroek MLP van , Schouten AJ

105 p in Dutch   1994

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
This report describes methods used and developed for our research on freeliving nematodes. Most methods were examined and developed in experiments. In the chapters two to four the methodology is described for taking and analysing field samples. Including field sampling of both soil and litter, extraction of the nematodes from the substrate, fixation and preparing permanent slides. The other four chapters are laboratory oriented. Methods are described and experiments are carried out to find and develop methods for culturing and to perform toxicity tests. Some methods used in ecofysiology are also described. Each chapter consists of a description of some standard methods, mostly used in phytopathologic studies, an overview of the adaptations of these standard methods applied for freeliving nematodes and the now preferred method. This general part of the chapter is followed by a description of some experiments.


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( 1994-05-31 )