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Zanten B van , Ruyter van Steveninck ED de

36 p in Dutch   1991

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Since 1987 a fortnightly sampling programme has been carried out at Lobith and Maassluis to record seasonal development of plankton communities in the lower river Rhine. Furthermore, the development of phyto- and zooplankton was recorded in a water parcel during its transport from Bad Honnef, Germany, to the sedimentation areas Ketelmeer, Nieuwe Waterweg and Hollands Diep in the Netherlands. This "Fliessende Welle" - inventory was carried out five times in 1988 (April-August) to discriminate phases of development of plankton communities along the longitudinal axis of the river Rhine. This report composes the results obtained with both sampling strategies and evaluates the representativeness of the stations Lobith and Maassluis for long-term monitoring of planktoncommunities in the lower river Rhine. A summary (Stations, sampling methods, parameters and results) of the "Fliessende Welle" - inventory is included under cover.


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( 1991-01-31 )