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Het operationeel maken en het optimaliseren van een methode voor de bepaling van ditalg-dimethyl-ammoniumchloride (DTDMAC) in water
[ The optimization of a method for the analysis of ditalloq-dimethyl- ammoniumchloride (DTDMAC) in water ]
Bergers PJM, de Groot AC, Versteegh JFM

22 p in Dutch   1991

RIVM Rapport 714301001

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This report describes the optimization of a method for the analysis of DTDMAC in water. After a short sample pre-treatment, the sample is injected in a HPLC-system. After separation, ion-pair formation takes place between DTDMAC and DAS, which is a fluorophore. Detection is performed fluorometrically. The method is suitable for the determination of DTDMAC in surface water, bank filtrate, infiltrated water and finished drinking water. The method is simple and sensitive (1.1 mug/L) ; the accuracy is not ideal.


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( 1991-09-30 )