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Witte JPM ; Groen CLG ; Nienhuis JG

141 p in Dutch   1992

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
The model DEMNAT-2 is designed to predict the impact of water management scenarios on groundwater-dependent ecosystems. The model can be applied to national and regional studies, provided there is enough ecological data available for this purpose. Input to DEMNAT is formed by hydrological changes, for example changes in seepage intensity and spring groundwater level, which can be predicted with existing hydrological models. Output is formed by changes in the completeness of 15 ecosystem types and in resulting values for nature conservation. Three modules of DEMNAT can be distinguished: geographical schematisation of a lot of hydrological and ecological data, dose-effect functions for calculation and valuation of effects. This report ends with a chapter discussing DEMNATs usefulness: its main shortcomings are shown and possible improvements mentioned.


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( 1992-11-30 )