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Een ruimtelijke analyse van het verband tussen atmosferisch zwavel-depositie en de concentratie van sulfaat in het grondwater
[ [On Spatial Analysis of the Relationship between Sulphur Deposition and the Concentration of Sulfate in the Groundwater.] ]
Dekkers ALM, Barendregt LG

30 p in Dutch   1993

RIVM Rapport 714802002

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
This report describes a study on the analysis of environmental data from several environmental compartments. Environmental quality of groundwater, rainwater and air is considered in the study. The main issue is to determine if there is a relationship between sulpher (S) deposition and the concentration of sulfate in the groundwater at a depth of 10 m below ground level 10 years after the deposition. First, the data will be described, followed by an exploratory data analysis. To eliminate the strong suspected influence of human intervention, the study will be further restricted to an analysis at the groundwater stations in nature reserves. Since the air and the rainwater measurements are not taken at the same places as the groundwater measurements, one has to make good predictions of the S depositions at the groundwater stations. The spatial interpolation method Kriging is very suitable for examining the relationship of interest here. The relationship proves to be significant. The statistical data analysis carried out in this report also gives some unexpected and striking information about the quality of the measurements. For instance, it was found that in 1991 some of the groundwater measurements were analyzed in a different way with respect to the years previous. The statistical analysis described in this report serves as an example of spatial statistics, useful for (re)optimalization and integration of environmental data from different compartments.


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( 1993-03-31 )