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Rheenen W van , Uffink GJM

51 p in Dutch   1993

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PROSA is a study on the safety of radioactive waste disposal in a salt formation using probabilistic techniques. The present report describes the determination of the input parameters for the PROSA calculations as far as the groundwater compartment is concerned. One of the most important parameters for the transport of radionuclides through the geosphere is the vertical groundwater velocity. This constant uniform velocity is interpreted as an effective velocity representing a 2-dimensional flow in a more complex geological system. This system is modelled with the code METROPOL using a Monte Carlo approach. Sets of input data are obtained by Latin Hypercube sampling. Particle tracking in the calculated flow field yields a travel time for conservative nuclides. The effective velocity is found by dividing the overburden thickness by the travel time. For the diapirism/subrosion scenorio the effect of a gradually decreasing thickness has been taken into account. Statistical analysis of the results indicates that the particle velocities are lognormally distributed. The data display a significant relationship between the particle velocity and the thickness of the overburden.


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