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Executive summary validatie van modellen en internationale samenwerking
[ [Model Validation and Internation Cooperation ; Executive Summary.] ]
Hassanizadeh SM, Leijnse A, Richardson-van der Poel MA, Uijt de Haag PAM, van der Weerd H

26 p in Dutch   1993

RIVM Rapport 715206002

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English Abstract
As part of the phase 1-A program of OPLA, commission, RIVM has participated in the project "Validation of Models and International Research Activities". The project has consisted of participation in two international model validation studies: INTRAVAL (phase I and II) and BIOMOVS. The general aims of the project have been: - identifying and formulating appropriate modelvalidation strategies; - generating and/or increasing confidence in models ; - stimulating cooperation among modellers and experimentalists ; - exchange of ideas and experience in the area safety assessment studies. In this report, a brief description of various test cases of INTRAVAL and BIOMOVS studies will be given. Then, case-specific as well as general conclusions are discussed and recommendations are given.


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( 1993-10-31 )