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Thewessen TJM , Velde RJ van de

28 p in Dutch   1993

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In 1989 Geographical Information Systems (GIS) were introduced at the Laboratory of Soil and Ground water Research (LBG) within the framework of the MILGIS project. The past years the use of GIS has increased enormously. GIS technology, and moreover the application of spatial analysis and -presentation are taking an essential position within the spatial information supply of the LBG. Up to now the GIS-tools and applications are mainly used in a project oriented approach. The main object of concern during the implementation of GIS so far were the development of the technical infrastructure, the training of the GIS users and the gaining of experience of the use of GIS in practice. In an autonomous development (continuation of the project oriented approach) problems are to be expected regarding the data-management, the availability, the integration and the capacity. Therefore in the next (and also last) stage of the implementation the emphasis will be on organizational aspects like management, structering and integration. Only through the realisation of a clear structure of the spatial information supply it will be possible to face the above mentioned problems and to create new perspectives for the integration of knowledge and data.


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