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Roghair CJ , Buijze A

30 p in Dutch   1990

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A project was started to study which standards reported in IMP-water 1985-1989 are too high to prevent effects on Daphnia magna due to long term exposure. First, no-effect-levels (NOECs) for individual compounds were to be established. Second, a mixture of these compounds on NOEC- level was to be tested on toxic effects. Due to fast developments in water quality policy making the relevance of above mentioned research was reducing. Therefore it was decided to stop this research project prematurely and to report the results shortly. The experiments carried out were reproduction/growth experiments with D. magna exposed to zinc, copper, nickel, lead, parathion, lindane and sodiumlaurylsulphate (SLS). The values were established in single experiments in Dutch Standard Water. The experiments do not meet the validity requirements set by the European Commission except sodiumlaurylsulphate. The reason is too much mortality in the control or not dose related mortality. The cause of this mortality is not known.


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( 1990-05-31 )