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Matthijssen MM

98 p in Dutch   1993

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A new method is introduced for judgement of water (liquid) quality: the drop-picture method. With this method the movement-quality of water (liquid) can be studied as a totality-parameter (for instance of importance for the vital chemical biological processes in living nature). Beside the common analytical judgement technics (chemical, physical and/or biological), this method has in view to come to a kind of total-judgement of water (liquid) quality following a less analytical, more synthetical approach (partly) with supplemental aspects. It can be used in addition to the conventional judgement of water quality. This method is practised on water out of different stages of the water-purification process at the Gemeentewaterleidingen Amsterdam (GWA). The results roughly agree with the GWA-impressions regarding some weak and strong links in the purification process, but have no general correlation with commonly used analytical parameters (there is an additional information-contents). In its current stage of development, this method already appears to be reliable and manageable in practice. Necessary refinements are mentioned (they are for instance ment to answer future questions such as, on the one hand, designing additional criteria for the selection of drinking-water out of various kinds of water already released from the hygienic point of view, and, on the other hand, finding indicators for morpho-diversity of life in and around water).


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( 1993-09-30 )