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Toxiciteit en toxicokinetiek voor benthische organismen; I: Toxiciteit en BCF-waarden van chloorbenzenen in standaardwater voor Chironomus riparius
[ Toxicity and toxicokinetics for benthic organisms: I: Toxicity and BCF values of chlorobenzenes to Chironomus riparius in water only experiments ]
Roghair CJ, Buijze A, Yedema E, Hermans JLM

63 p in Dutch   1992

RIVM Rapport 719101002
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This report is the first in a series to support the so called porewater hypothesis which is used to derive sediment quality criteria. The porewater hypothesis assumes that toxicity to benthic organisms is caused by the soluble fraction of the substance present in porewater. In this report a QSAR is calculated for the acute toxicity of chlorobenzenes in standard water to the midge larvae Chironomus riparius. Lethal body burdens are presented as well as bioconcentration factors. The results give rise to to idea of metabolism of the chlorobenzenes by C.riparius.


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( 1992-07-31 )