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Sorptie van kleurstoffen aan slibdeeltjes: invloed van fysisch-chemische eigenschappen
[ [Sorption of dye stuffs on sludge solids: the influence of physico-chemical properties.] ]
Verbruggen EMJ, Struijs J

55 p in Dutch   1993

RIVM Rapport 719101008

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
The Dutch government has to judge new announced chemicals on certain criterions like sorption within according to the Law on Environmentally dangerous Compounds. For surfactants, to which the dyes belong, existing methodologies turned out to be insufficient for assessing of Kp. In this report the relationship between sorption and experimentally determined or calculated properties or structure parameters of compounds was analysed for 16 dyes. For these analysed dyes there appeared to be no relationship between Kp and the surface tension of buffered solutions. The CMC could not be determined for these dyes. The first order connectivity index of the dyes and the Koc based on this parameter were calculated with use of a QSAR-program. There appeared to be no relationship between these parameters and Kp. Kow also was calculated with a QSAR-program. For this there appeared to be a relationship with Kp. The experimentally determined solubility appeared to correlate significantly as well. It is possible to draft a PAR or QSAR founded on these relationships. It should be noticed that the impurities of the dyes lead to some uncertainty in these relationships. Probably not accumulation on a surface but hydrophobic sorption is the mean sorption mechanism for dyes. Sorption appeared to be not linear for the observed range of concentrations (10-4 - 10-6 M).


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( 1993-01-31 )