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Onderzoek naar de geschiktheid van de potwormsoorten Enchytraeus albidus en E. crypticus (Oligochaeta, Annelida) in bodemecotoxicologisch onderzoek
[ [The use of the potworm species Enchytraeus albidus en E. crypticus (Oligochaeta, Annelida) in soil ecotoxicological research.] ]
Dirven-van Breemen EM, Baerselman R, Notenboom J

54 p in Dutch   1994

RIVM Rapport 719102025
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This report describes a research on the use of enchytraeids in soil ecotoxicology. Actually many soil ecotoxicological research is restricted to the earthworm Eisenia andrei/fetida limiting possibilities for generalisation and ecologically relevant test results. This study on enchytraeids consits of a literature survey and experimental work. The influence of soil moisture, pH, temperature on the reproduction of enchytraeids, and methods for breeding and isolating enchytraeids are studied. The experimental work focusses on two species, Enchytraeus albidus and E. crypticus, laboratory cultures of both species are obtained from other institutes. For both species reproduction tests could be performed in OECD-artificial soil. It is concluded that reproduction experiments with enchytraeids are applicable within the actual research program of the Department of Soil Ecotoxicology.


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