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Mulschlegel JHC

237 p in Dutch   1993

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In 1990 it was decided to prepare a new "Policy Plan on Drinking- and Industrial Water Supply" to replace the sectoral planning and formulated policy in the "Second Structural Policy Plan for Drinking- and Industrial Water Supplies" (1984). During the preparation of this Plan, several alternatives were developed for meeting future water needs. One alternative comprises a combination of production modules. These alternatives will be compared by several criteria. The criteria presented in this report, which are in most cases subdivided into sub-criteria are: "public health", "abiotic environment", "nature", "landscape", "land use", "technological feasibility", flexibility", vulnerability", "economy" and "administrative/egal aspects". An important part of the information about groundwater, surface water and infiltrated water related supplies necessary for the application of the weighing method is obtained from three so-called "Base Reports". This last report deals primarily with the groundwater collected for public water supplies, particularly concerning drinking-water propduction. Much information of a highly variable quality is used. In this report, the difference between the types of groundwater abstraction (abstraction of unconfined or semiconfined groundwater and riverbank infiltrated water) is given wherever possible.


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( 1992-11-30 )