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Beurden AUCJ van , Velde RJ van de (eds) , Bekhuis FHWM , Kunst JD , Schaap AJ

140 p in Dutch   1992

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
The amount of spatial data used at RIVM has steadily increased during the last two years. This was mainly caused by the successful introduction of geographical information systems and several new research activities at both national and internatioal scales. This survey summarizes the spatial data to inform researchers of RIVM (and of other institutes as well) about contents and availability of the data. It is also aimed at more intensive exchange of meta-information between users of spatial data in the Netherlands and abroad. The summary contains descriptions of the spatial data, wit several possible entrances: the content page, the data index list and the keyword list. The description is only part of what is stored, for not all technical details will be of use to the general reader. Extensions of descriptors and appended data sets will appear in future on a regular basis; this summary may be regarded as the very first version of what will become a time series of reports.


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( 1992-05-31 )