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Doesburg MJ van , Noordijk H , Anker IM van den

64 p in Dutch   1993

Toon Nederlands

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Since June 20, 1991 a new smog regulation exists in the Netherlands which is called: Smog Procedures 1991. This procedure constitutionalises the implementations of measures, actions, smog-alertsystems and recommendations during periods of high levels of air pollution (summer and water smog). In this report an overview is given of the smog situation in the Netherlands in the summer of 1992. A number of periods of elevated air pollution (summer smog) have been registered during the months of April up to September 1992. Summer smog consists of a mixture of a large number of substances. It is identified on the basis of the atmospheric ozone concentration, since ozone has the greatest impact on public health. The ozone concentrations, which are measured by the National Air Quality Monitoring Network (LML), are compared with the Dutch draft ozone standard and the EC-quideline ozone.


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( 1993-12-31 )