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Swaan P , Buijsman E

39 p in Dutch   1993

Toon Nederlands

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The report presents an overview of monitoring activities in the framework of the Dutch National Air Quality Monitoring Network. The network is one of the responsibilities of the Laboratory for Air Research of the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection. Surveys of the monitoring stations per component are provided, together with maps of their locations. Overviews are presented for: . gaseous components [CO, NOx, O3, SO2, NH3, Volatile Organic Components (VOC)] ; . aerosols etc. [metals, acidifying components, particulate matter (PM10)] ; .chemical composition of precipitation [a.o. acidifying components, metals]; . meteorological parameters [wind speed, wind direction, temperature, global radiation] ; . other monitoring activities [measurements for ECE/EMEP, fluoride accumulation]. An additional table records monitoring activities which do not yet have operational status.


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( 1993-03-31 )