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Noordijk H , Diederen HSMA , Woerd HJ van der , Velze K van

98 p in Dutch   1994

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environmental indices will be an important tool in future environmental assessments (milieubalansen en Milieuverkenningen). This report defines the indices for the atmosphere. It describes the state of definition at the start of the year 1994, and it is the result of the project group in the Laboratory of Air Research (LLO) of RIVM, with support of some experts within and outside of RIVM. This definition needs to be discussed by all the parties involved with environmental assessments, in order to improve the definition and to obtain consensus on it. This report serves as a basis for these discussions. The indices are clustered in human exposure, ecosystem exposure, depletion of stratospheric ozone, climatic change, decreasing self-cleaning capability of the atmosphere, and the damage to the cultural inheritance and the economy. The clusters on human and ecosystem exposure are subdivided into exposure to higher concentrations over a short time (smog), and exposure to concentrations averaged over a time-scale of seasons. Exposure of humans in the indoor environment is also treated separately. The indices are based on several tens of compounds. Concentrations are in general related to internationally accepted "no-effect levels" or "critical levels".


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( 1994-05-31 )