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Overzicht van de analysemethoden voor de bepaling van bestrijdingsmiddelen in grondwater
[ Survey of analytical methods for the determination of pesticides in ground water ]
Heusinkveld HAG, Baumann RA, van Zoonen P

80 p in Dutch   1991

RIVM Rapport 724801001

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
Analytical procedures used in the screening programme of 1990 concerning the occurrence of pesticides in ground water in the Netherlands are described. Standard Operational Procedures (SOP's) or descriptions of the method are given for the determination of organochlorine pesticides and pyrethroids (28), carbendazim, 2-AB and thiabendazole (3), organophosphorus compounds (49), phenoxy carboxylic acids (11), N- containing pesticides (27), dinitro compounds and bentazone (4), triazinones and phenyl ureum herbicides (5), N-methyl carbamates (6), volatile chlorinehydrocarbons (5), chloroallyl alcohol, ethylenethiourea and methylisothiocyanate (3) and 2,6-dichlorobenzamide.


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( 1991-05-31 )