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Milieudiagnose 1991. III. Bodem- en Grondwaterkwaliteit
[ State of the environment 1991. Part III. Quality of the soil and groundwater ]
van Duijvenbooden W, Kohsiek LHM, van den Berg R, Snelting H, Meinardi CR, Lagas P, Groot MSM, van Grinsven JJM, Schouten AJ, Koops R, Leeters EEMJ, de Vries W, Boland J, Boumans LJM, Cornelese AA, Willems WJ, Prins HF, van Drecht G

132 p in Dutch   1992

RIVM Rapport 724801003
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RIVM has a national integrated environmental monitoring network at its disposal for carrying out the monitoring. Besides national networks for radioactivity and the quality of air, rainwater and drinking water, this monitoring network consists of national networks for the soil and groundwater quality. This report describes the quality of the soil and groundwater using data collected with the assistance of the soil and groundwater monitoring networks, and, as well, the results of various theme-oriented monitoring programmes. Groundwater quality is described using data from 1991. Also older data is used for soil quality. The monitoring data apply primarily to the upper 10 cm of soil, the upper 100 cm of groundwater and the overall groundwater levels of 10 and 25 m above ground level.


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( 1992-12-31 )