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Variatie in ruimte en tijd van de nitraatconcentratie in het verzadigde grondwater van 10 graslandbedrijven in de zandgebieden van Nederland
[ Fluctuations in space and time of the nitrate concentration in the water saturated zone of 10 dairy farms in the sandy regions of the Netherlands ]
Boumans LJM

43 p in Dutch   1990

RIVM Rapport 724903002
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Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
Groundwater of 10 dairy farms was sampled during two periods and analysed for nitrate. The sampling was done in the first meter of the saturated zone with temporary wells and up to 6 meter below the freatic level with permanent wells. The analyzed nitrate concentrations do not differ between the two sampling periods, however at the farms there is a great difference between the two periods.


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