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Afleiding van C-waarden voor bodemecosystemen op basis van aquatisch ecotoxicologische gegevens
[ Assessment of C-values for soil ecosystems using aquatic ecotoxicological data ]
Denneman CAJ, van Gestel CAM

34 p in Dutch   1991

RIVM Rapport 725201008
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English Abstract
In RIVM-reportnr. 725201001, Denneman and Van Gestel (1990) proposed an adjustment of the present C-values for soil sanitation, using soil ecotoxicological data. Considering the fact that C-values will also be used to evaluate pollution of submerse soils, it was asked to additionally derive C-values on the basis of aquatic ecotoxicological data applying the equilibrium partitioning concept. Usring aquatic ecotoxicological data and QSAR's prediction the toxicity of chemical substances for aquatic organisms, in this report C-values for water were calculated. These values were converted to C-values for soil by applying partition coefficients. The values obtained in this way were compared to the values derived on the basis of soil ecotoxicological data. This comparison led to the following proposal for changes or additions to the values proposed by Denneman and Van Gestel (1990): - PAK (total): 40 mg/kg (not changed, but funded better) ; - aliphatic hydrocarbons (total): 60 mg/kg ; - chlorophenols (total): 10 mg/kg (pentaCF remains 5 mg/kg ; - chlorobenzenes (total): 30 mg/kg ; chloroanilines (total): 10 mg/kg ; - atrazin: 6 mg/kg ; - azinphos-methyl: 0.05 mg/kg ; ; ; ; organo-phosphates (non-chlorinated, total): 2 mg/kg ; DDT: 4 mg/kg; also for DDD en DDE ; - phtalates (total): 60 mg/kg.


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